Days of our True Blood: Season 4, Episode 5

*sniff* Excuse me while I have a moment...

Wow!  I must say that I was not disappointed with the eight minutes in which Eric was on the show this time (you can watch them here).  Started with that messed up dream with Godric, which is understandable: Eric is in a vulnerable situation, he’s feeling out of control, like a baby vamp.  Godric was his maker and was probably tough on Eric when he was first turned.  Eric was probably channeling some of what he went through when he was new: the vulnerability, the confusion.  Alexander Skarsgard played it really well, as usual.  He’s quite versatile, looking completely lost one moment and not wanting to hurt Sookie in any way, but turning into a true vampire the next.  I think we can all agree that the scene where he goes to Sookie to tell her about his bad dream was very moving, and for once she was positively sweet with him, offering true comfort.

I’m not sure what to think about the whole Lafayette/Jesus go to Mexico thing.  The first thing that went through my mind was whether Lala had a passport, then I hoped that Jesus was either a citizen or a Permanent Resident, so he can come back in.  Moving on, isn’t that a little like fighting fire with fire?  Usually it ends up becoming a freakin’ inferno.  But at least they’re doing SOMETHING.

Queen Bill… Um, did he really have to glamour Portia to run screaming into the night at the sight of him.  He shouldn’t instill fear, but I guess that’s the only way he can instill fear in anybody at all: glamouring.  I wasn’t against the glamouring per se.  Portia was doing her best lawyer-ly thing by actually telling Bill of her research, and all the time I was cringing and actually… I’m on Bill’s side on that one.  I approve… not that my opinion counts.  It’s the only decision that I am truly, absolutely, and without any reserve 100% with him.

Notice I’m not saying anything about the Mickens/Tommy/Sam/Andy B.S.  Yeah… Moving on…

I always thought that the actors that portrayed the alpha werewolves were actually rather nice-looking.  Cooter was handsome in a bad-ass way, remember him?  Then Alcide is… well, Joe Manganiello is… Um… nice-looking too… Ahem!  Pardon me, I’m still remembering last episode and his naked romp in the woods.  Anyway, enter the Shreveport pack master with the comb over.  Huh?  And from the spoilers we know that Luna’s child is his.  In other words, that beautiful woman had sex with comb-over dude who’s apparently as tall as a gnome.  I’m sure it was only once.  And now comb-over dude is mad at Alcide for not registering with the pack.  I’m going to guess there’s some sort of contribution they need to make to the area’s pack, whether monetary or otherwise.

Then there’s Tara and her usual WTF-up-ness.  She blames the town for everything that’s gone wrong in her life, but lying to her girlfriend is all on her.  If you choose to lie to the person you love, that’s on you.  Don’t blame it on Bon Temps and, by the way, listen to Sookie!  She just needs to tell her girlfriend what’s up, and get the hell out of Dodge because now she’s a liability, what with knowing Eric’s whereabouts.

Which brings us to Pam and her big rotting mouth.  At least now we know what’s coming.  That Antonia was a piece of work, but we know why.  The Inquisition was bad news all around, it seems, and power went to people’s AND vampire’s heads.  No wonder Antonia has a bone to pick with the vampires.

Marnie is still my favorite, she truly is.  The scene with Sookie was enlightening.  Marnie truly can hear the spirits, and Sookie could hear Gran!  How cool is that?  If she hadn’t been telling Sookie to not fall in love with Eric and to run like hell, I would have thought that was a great reunion.

And now, time for some sighing… How amazing was Sookie’s show of affection, opening her arms inviting Eric into a hug.  When Eric took her in his arms I started to get goose bumps.  It was AAD come true!  What with Eric caressing her, and Sookie initiating the kiss, and the beautiful accompanying music, I thought I’d never stop crying.  Did anybody else notice the crescendo as their lips finally met?  Swoon!  I watched that kiss over and over.  I’m hoping they’ll open the next episode with them kissing and Bill doing his usual “that’s mah Sookeh” thing.

Great episode, y’all!  And here’s some gratuitous naked Alex:

"I could never hurt anybody as beautiful as you"


8 thoughts on “Days of our True Blood: Season 4, Episode 5

  1. Hard to argue with anything you said.. I guess the writers can’t just have Sookie & Eric on screen for the entire show, so they have to come up with sub-plots..and thank god for fast forward so I can get past the idiotic stuff to get to the good stuff… The Bill /Portia thing.. can’t believe the writers actually let them consummate knowing their relationship, but then of course they did. At least Bill has enough integrity to stop it as soon as he finds out. (but as you say, having her run screaming from him seems a bit over the top).. .Loved all the bits with Eric (and Sookie with Eric)…Gran talking to her was a real surprise, just wish she wasn’t warning her off Eric as well. I think we can already see that when he gets his memory back, they’re going to follow the book and he won’t remember his time with Sookie; which will break her heart… loved your thoughts on the episode.

    • Why can’t they have Sookie and Eric on screen the whole show? I demand an explanation! LOL! Actually, there was a bit of a hoopla during Comic Con in which Bill fans said the Comic Con people were letting only “Team Eric” fans into the ballroom where the panel took place. Um… That’s not it at all. I’m sure they let people in first come-first served, but the “Team Eric” people are far more numerous than the “Team Bill” people. Of course. And I also think that thos “Team Bill” people have never read SVM. Just my humble opinion.

      I’m actually a little embarrassed that I missed the Sam/Tommy/gator/marshmallows thing now. I might have to watch the episode again. Oh, the humanity!

      I think Gran’s warning goes along the same lines as the books: Eric is going to eventually recover his memory and he won’t remember his time with Sookie. If Sookie gives him her heart (which she will because she already likes him), then she will suffer when that happens, like you said. But until that happens, let them keep piling up the steamy scenes so we can watch them on a continuous loop!

    • I think all our DVR’s have that scene ingrained into their mother boards. Thank goodness I don’t have a plasma TV, or the kiss would be ghosting on my screen! LOL

  2. So it was 8 minutes total Eric time? It’s hard for me to tell as I watch those minutes over and over… you get my point. Yeah that was one amazing moment but I think we (and they) deserved it, we’ve been waiting a looooong time! I kinda like Bill like this (the King thing) it’s rather like the books and his computer obsession, he’s good at cold, orderly, follow rules stuff. If we could have just kept him away from Eric and Sookie! Marnie is amazing, but she needs to get totally possessed so we have someone to root against (other than Bill) but I feel it coming, the more she identifies with Antonia , the crazier she becomes! I’m so glad the Mickens are gator food, I just wish Tommy would have fallen in the swamp as well! I’m hoping Jesus and Lafayette are recruiting help to fight Marnie’s demon. It’s supposed to be a witch war, so we will just have to see how it works out. What did you think about the previews for next week? Looks like Bill is successful in his role as Eric cock-block!! I can’t wait til Sunday!!! Kathy

    • I like to run to Youtube at the end of every episode and retrieve the “Eric scenes.” I’ve been keeping track: Episode 3 had 9 minutes, Episode 4 only had 7 minutes (even with all the swimming, etc!), and this episode had 8. But you’re right, not that we only watched 8 minutes. My remote got a workout!

      Some said that the scene with Eric and Sookie on the bed was sweeter than the kiss, and I agree it was sweet but not sweeter, not in my opinion. After writing their kisses, what I want to see IS their kiss. But that’s just my very own, very personal opinion. I absolutely loved that Sookie started it. Loved it!

      I know Bill won’t kill Eric, but I want to see what happens, how Eric gets out of it. I’m sure it has to do with Sookie saving his life. Some of the spoilers say that next week is when Eric and Sookie get it on by the lake, and if that’s true then Eric can’t be dead. I just hope they devote more than 8 minutes to the whole situation.

      As for Marnie/Antonia, there’s something about a good villain that you just got to love. I like the actress that plays Antonia as well, but I haven’t caught her name yet. Fiona Shaw is great as Marnie. I guess I’ll never tire of saying that. LOL

  3. *swoon* cant stop watching the kiss….perfect…

    Yeah we’ll skip over the whole tommy/sam/mickens shit…..

    As much as the Jason/hotshot thing pissed me off…his dream about Jessica had me laughing so hard at the end of it. What a hoot that must have been to film! lmao!

    Great Review Reb’s

    LH x

    • That kiss… I watched it so many times that I kept catching Bill talking to the sheriffs (blech!). I know that the DVR’s Instant Replay button got a workout. My hubby has it calibrated for 30 seconds, so I knew I had to press it three times to get the scene back to where I wanted it! LOL

      OMG! I can’t believe I didn’t bring up the Jason/Jessica/Hoyt bit. That was truly hilarious. I was hooting at the end, alright! Jason: “Hoyt, do you mind?” Hoyt: “Yes I do mind,” like he was the one missing out! Poor Jason… all his problems have sex at their root. At least he knows that now.

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