Days of our True Blood: Season 4, Episode 4

"I'll never swim in the sun again"

Ahem!  AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!  Pam’s face… Pam’s beautiful face!  How could they do that to my beautiful vampire girlfriend?  On the other hand, that was intense with Marnie muttering the words in Latin (it sounded like it) then in Spanish telling her she was a walking corpse, which is true, let’s face it.  I’m starting to like her as a villain.  I think it’s because I really like Fiona Shaw as an actress… I also think it’s funny to no end that she played the witch-hating aunt of Harry Potter, and now she’s playing a witch!

Moving on the the Eric/Sookie/Alcide dynamic.  Finally we see Eric as he truly is, the mischievious vampire we have come to know and love… pinching Sookie’s butt and playing tag.  That is the fun-loving bad boy we’ve come to expect, with none of the vampiric manipulations he gets up to when he knows what he’s doing.  That side of him has always been there but muted.  Some people don’t like it, and I can understand that.  He’s supposed to be the bad ass vampire.  He’s only bad ass due to the knowledge he’s gathered through the ages… otherwise he’s the prince that’s always looking for a good time with the goat herder’s daughter.  So when I see him drunk and messing around, I see the human he once was, and Sookie will see that too in time.

As for Debbie Pelt, I can already see she will become a problem.  I’m sorry, but people don’t really change that much.  That said, Alcide and Sookie seem to be getting too close.  I almost expected her to finish her “Friends?” comment with “With benefits?”  Don’t get me wrong, please.  Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is… Wow!  And he’d been naked not two minutes before.  Funny, he won’t strip in front of Sookie and makes her turn around, but he’ll shift back to human right next to her.  I mean, his junk was right next to her elbow!  He IS that tall.

I knew it was coming!  I wasn’t sure if they would make Bill be Portia’s ancestor, but good ol’ Caroline Bellefleur and her family Bible put the doubt to rest.  Holy Yuk!  I counted the “greats,” there were four.  Bill is Portia’s great-great-great-great-grandfather.  So, like I said last week, it’s not technically incest, but very blech!

Notice I haven’t touched on any of the Mickens, Sam/Luna, Hot Shot story lines?  Yeah… My fast forward button got a workout.  Moving on…

There was nobody I would rather see than Eric.  I watched him twice so far and I’m sure I’ll watch him again later.  The way he beckoned Sookie to go into the water with him: “Come, come play with me!  It’s wonderful here!” was so cute, plus I think I detected a tiny hint of Alexander Skarsgard’s true accent.  I’m not even mad at Sookie’s reply: “There’s big gators there, you crazy Viking!”  Of course, the whole scene was helped tremendously by Sookie having two gorgeous men naked right in front of her, one of whom was wet!  I thoroughly enjoyed the way Eric said matter of factly: “I’m Aegir, god of the sea and you are Ran, my sea goddess,” and when he growled “Krukidriler!”  The man can make any word sound sexy.

Saddest moment: When Eric bemoaned the fact that he couldn’t go frolicking in the daylight again.  It was heartbreaking.  “I’ll never swim in the sun again.  Never feel the heat on my skin.  Never see the daylight in your hair,” he said to Sookie.  Simple lines, yes, but ASkars delivered them in a way that had me tearing up.  Of course, he returns to his usual Eric self when he asks Sookie for a kiss… “It’s just a kiss,” my own beautiful butt!

I’m very happy that Sookie was exceptionally clever with Bill, not letting him in the house and using the fact that she had never lied to him before to make him believe her.  She’s a great little liar, and Bill ate it all up.  For once, I’m supremely proud of her.  That has been the closest that TB-Sookie has come to canon-Sookie in a while.

In the next episode: we’ll get to see what Jessica’s blood inside Jason will mean for them both.  I’m actually intrigued by that.

Here’s some requisite naked Eric:

How do you say no to that invitation?


One thought on “Days of our True Blood: Season 4, Episode 4

  1. Eric was priceless in this episode..he was like a child, playful and funny..loved him pinching her butt, and then running off..and his comments once he was back inside about never seeing the sun again was just as you said, so sad. And Sookie is warming up to him, it;s so obvious. ..I plan to watch their scenes together many times.. (and last week, when she confronted him about killing her fairy godmother and he looked up with this shame faced look and said..sorry)..too cute.. I think I’ll miss this side of Eric when he eventually gets his memories back.. Pam, now they need to fix her fast, that was horrible..

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