Days of Our True Blood – Season 4, Episode 3

Pam, oh Pam, with the bloody mouth. And Eric's pants... how low can you go?

I will say, right off the bat that I’m in love with Pam.  And before you think I’m going to bat for the other team, I’m not… BUT I really like Kristin Bauer’s portrayal, and I like the actress herself who’s as sweet as pie.

Anyhoo… So, there were several WTF’s, to be sure.  The biggest one was Bill f-ing Portia Bellefleur.  Mind you, the actress that plays Portia is absolutely gorgeous, and the character is likable.  But isn’t she supposed to be Bill’s great-great-great-granddaughter or some-such?  EEEUUUWWW!!!  I don’t care if it isn’t technically incest.  It it still up there in the ickyness quotient.

Another WTF moment was Claudine coming to get Sookie.  What type of bird brain does Claudine think Sookie is?  She’s not totally dense to want to go back to Faery, or Faerie, or Fairy… whatever.  I’m really happy Eric got the chance to get a little happy at Claudine’s expense, IF that really was Claudine.  I’ve heard the theory running that it might not have been her.

WTF number three: Why was Lafayette so adamant about wanting to go to Fangtasia and tell all?  That made no sense at all.  If I were him I’d run the OTHER way.  You’re supposed to run away from trouble, not towards it!

Ugh!  And because I decided to watch it live instead of waiting and watching it on the DVR, I wasn’t able to fast forward through the whole Fortenberry/Tommy/Sam/Hot Shot/Jason/Mexican Viagra stupidity.  It took away some valuable screen time that could have been better used by having Eric and Sookie interact now that Eric is… sweet.

The biggest WTF… How did Eric get his feet in a basin full of water?  Did Sookie go get it?  Did I miss something?  I’m almost sure I did.  I’m glad that AB left that part from the book, but I’m not happy with how it played out.  Sookie was supposed to be a little nicer to him, understanding that he was not himself and was lost.  Even TB Sookie could have been a little sweeter under the circumstances.  I’m not saying she should have let her guard down, just been a bit more understanding.  But what do I know?  I don’t make money writing True Blood, I just bitch about it.

And… for being so nice and reading my rant, here’s another yummy pic from the episode.

Confused Eric is Confused... and naked.


12 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood – Season 4, Episode 3

  1. I agree with all of your wtf moments as far as the pan of water I don’t recall seeing Sookie bringing that to him either,and she could have been alittle more understanding. I can’t wait til next week to see how Sookie handles a “drunk” Eric.

    • I figured out the water basin. We all missed it. It would have helped with continuity to have seen Sookie put it there. She’d gone upstairs to fetch some clothes for Eric, but we never saw her coming back down, getting the water, etc. Then she must have gone back upstairs to fetch the phone. Someone compiled all the Eric/Sookie moments on Youtube and I watched them there. That’s how I knew I hadn’t gone crazy. All the Eric/Sookie moments amounted to 9 minutes and 31 seconds of a 50+ minute show. Pitiful!

  2. Immediately after watching this episode, I came to your blog to check out your WTF moments. Sure enough, I had the same ones.

    Aside from that, I’m a huge fan of your writing and I’m about to start reading your original work! Thanks for sharing!

    • Tee-hee! What a visual you just gave me! “Let’s see what Rebelina has to say about this holy mess!” Plenty as it turns out. That is the very LAST time I watch TB at 9pm. Next time I’ll wait until 9:30 so I can fast forward through the “ugh” parts and rewind, and pause, and rewind some more and watch Eric and Pam at leisure… And mute Sookie.

      Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like it… *blush*

  3. OH, I sooooo agree with your rant! I really need to wait til 10pm and watch from my DVR so I can skip all that pointless drivel about all those other people you mentioned and just watch the good stuff! I usually go get another beer when they get to Hotshot, so I guess it serves a purpose! I was hoping Sookie would have been a little nicer (as she was in the book) but he’s in her house, now we’ve got to get him in her shower and her bed!!! All in all I am liking this season so far but they needed Eric to stay in those jeans the whole episode! How can she resist him?????? Kathy

    • The extra bits from the show that I absolutely could have done without served their purpose: I checked email, checked Twitter, found the pics to use for the blog and for Skarsporn, ya know? Important stuff!

      I can appreciate the fact that TB-Sookie won’t act completely like canon-Sookie, but can she be a little bit less bitchy, please? When Eric thanks her, can’t she just say “you’re welcome,” instead of “whatever”? Her Gran would be rolling in her grave! I know she’s fed up with the vampire, but she’s smart enough to realize that there’s something wrong and that he’s trying to be nice… be nice back, Sookie! The way you are with freakin’ Bill!

      *Deep breath* I’m okay… 😀

  4. The biggest no no’s for me where the Jason storyline…I had to look away…What AB has done with the Hotshot story i just wrong.

    and Portia..Yes she is Bill relative…As soon as she started suggesting sex with Bill, urgh I thought I might actually throw up.

    TWO…. TWO god damn episodes we’ve had to watch Queeen Beehl Screwing some piece of trash and we’ve not had a Naked ASkars yet!!…What I have seen is keeping me going…Only Just…

    Pam…Oh what I would do to that woman…I Heart Pam

    • Yes… the Jason thing… if Jason had been female, it would have been rape, but since he’s male he’s a stud horse? WTF! NO! It’s rape whichever way you put it. It was disgusting and not worth watching. I ended up yelling at my remote because it wouldn’t fast forward for me, momentarily forgetting that I was watching things live.

      As for Beehl… Um… “I can’t love you…” That’s not what Portia was saying at all. Whoever wrote Portia’s character did an excellent job and the actress is lovely and pulls it off well, but WHO thought Bill’s line would make sense within that context?

      Another priceless Pam line: “I wil eat, fuck, and kill all three of you.” *Sigh*

  5. I am in total agreement regarding your WTF moments! I’ll also say that my DVR got a full workout last night. A confused Eric makes an adorable Eric! 🙂

  6. Can’t disagree with anything you said..Pam is being portrayed perfectly in the show. So sarcastic and smart. The bit with Claudine did surprise me, especially when Eric drained her..I imagine her blood is going to make the next episode interesting. A drunk vampire is probably not a good thing for Sookie. And Hot Shot….please dear lord make this be over soon., Jason is going to be stud service to all the females? What the hell happened to Crystal while she was away with Felton? She supposedly loved Jason and only left to keep him from being killed. And now she assists in torturing him? The whole story line with them is seriously warped. and that leaves Portia..Bill doing the nasty with his great, great, great granddaughter. He will be horrified when he finds out their connection..and we know he will..

    • I’m guessing, and this is pure conjecture, that Crystal got preggers with Felton and kept losing the babies. So Felton and/or Crystal had the brilliant idea to mate Jason with all the females in Hot Shot, which by the way is rape. I can’t help but wonder what the gossip-mill would be like if Jason had been a woman.

      I could watch Eric say “sorry” after draining Claudine over and over. Of all the adorable moments, I think I liked that one best, even if he WAS drunk. Maybe Sookie should embrace all the possibilities of having a drunk vampire running around. Mmmm…

      As for Bill… Blech! I wonder what Portia will say. He’s going to be mortified in his emo-Bill way. But I’d rather watch her reaction when they find out they’re related.

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