Winner of the Dead After Dead Reckoning Contest

I am so humbled to be announced the winner of the “Dead After Dead Reckoning” Contest.  Thank you Crisi TM and Fairyblood for all the support and to all my readers for the love you showed my story.  The story that won is Nothing’s Gonna Change My World.  I used the means at my disposal to fix Sookie and Eric’s relationship as best I could.  After all, that is what fanfic is for!

I’m sending a super special shout out to my darling husband Bobby, who gave me the idea even though he didn’t want me to use it.  He said nobody would like it!  I guess he was wrong, but he was incredibly supportive as always.  I love you, honey!  Thank you!

I’m sending another shout out to all the Fangreaders out there.  You have all been amazingly supportive.  If you’re reading this and you’re not a Fangreader, then click here and become one!  Go!  Do it now!  We’re tons of fun!

Last night I found out that the wonderful Black Dead Orchids took Third Place in the True Blood on Twitter’s Writing Contest.  I am so happy for her and so proud.  She is an amazing writer and artist.  She has made all my banners and writes awesome stories.  I won’t recommend just one because I like them all!

Again, thank you to all in the SVM/True Blood fanfic community, readers and writers alike.


3 thoughts on “Winner of the Dead After Dead Reckoning Contest

  1. YAY!!!!! The story is awesome and I am soooo glad you won and are willing to keep all your fans happy by continuing the story!! You (and ALL your stories) rock! Love, Kathy

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