Days of our True Blood (Season 4 Episode 1)

MWA-HA-HA!!! Eric owns Sookie's house!

Current WTF’s?

  1. ASkars name did not appear earlier in the credits, despite reports to the contrary.
  2. The Fairy sequence – seriously, the fruit was named after a character from “Beauty and the Beast.”  Lumiere?
  3. Claude is a good guy?  And he’s not cute AT ALL.  That was disappointing…
  5. Why does Lala look like Mr. T?
  6. Sam is meaner than ever, for which Alan Ball has officially won the “Dickwad Award,” which had been reserved for Bill Compton.  I changed my mind.  I can do that.
  7. Tommy with Mrs. Fortenberry?
  8. The people from Hot Shot… ’nuff said.
  9. Marnie (although I kinda like her)

Memorable Quotes

  1. “If your job is to look after me, can I just say you suck?” Sookie to Claudine
  2. “Understand this: everyone who claims to love you, your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you.  I never did.  Nice paint.” Eric to Sookie
  3. “Decapitating Barbie Dolls?  What kind of baby does that?” Arlene to Terry
  4. “Yes, of course Fangtasia is for everyone, vampires, humans, men, women, families, pets, everyone is welcome, come on down.  The blood is warm and so is the service.” Pam’s AVL spot
  5. “I have proof, scientific, people are far dumber than they realize.”  AVL lady
  6. “We’re always more than happy to serve humans here at Fangtasia, and I don’t mean for dinner.”  Eric’s AVL spot
  7. “Sookie, you are mine.”  Eric (le sigh!)

6 thoughts on “Days of our True Blood (Season 4 Episode 1)

  1. Honestly, I think my whole reaction to E1 soured with the scene that revealed Bill to be the King. WTF!! Also, when he rushed to Sookie’s house after she returned from her adventures in fairyland, although she had gone for twelve and a half months it seemed to only be minutes to her since she found out the extent of his betrayal… she looked like she was ready to forgive and forget and take his lying ass back. Honestly, Sookie needs to get therapy. (DISCLAIMER: I’m not now or ever have been a fan of Bill, SVM or TB character, or of the actor that portrays the Bill character.)

    Yeah, Claude wasn’t much to look at but we didn’t see him until after Sookie zapped Mab and the glamour had been broken.

    So… Jason’s one of Bon Temps finest and Andy’s addicted to V. …Huh!

    Arlene has the evil voodoo child now. I wonder if Sookie will be able to ‘hear’ evil little baby thoughts from it’s evil little mind?

    I would like to see Jessica become Pam’s Foster Child.

    I was disappointed that Sam’s brother survived and returned for another season… wonder if he’s Mrs. Fortenberry’s boy toy. I also admit that I was sorry to see the return of Sam. *lol* that what seemed to be his anger management class consisted of other shifters with anger problems. Must be a shifter trait.

    I was glad to see that Tara found a way to work through her hostility toward men in general.

    Hot Shot. *shudder*

    *LOL* that Eric owns Sookie’s house. I guess now Eric can rescind her invitation.

    Marnie… the big bad of the season. Looking forward to the storyline! I’m glad that Laf and Jesus appear to play a major part in this storyline. Yeah… the Mr T look … double take… unexpected.

    Thanks for providing a vent/rant outlet.

    • Rant away! I loved it. I feel bad for Stephen Moyer having to play Bill, since so many people dislike (ahem!) Bill. But the poor guy is just doing his job, and doing it well, I think. He’s British, but pulls off the southern accent very well.

      I was wondering the same thing about Tommy and Mrs. Fortenberry. Is he her boy toy? Is she his Sugar Mama? WTF?

      I seriously can’t deal with Sam being so mean and evil. I know that I shouldn’t expect AB to go by the books after last season’s f-ups, but that part (Sam being good) to me was so integral. He’s supposed to be Sookie’s go-to. Now she has nobody but Jason, who’s starting to redeem himseld, it seems… I’m glad about that and hopes he can keep it up (from the inside of a freezer). Oh, well…

  2. I think Episode 2 was so much better… I hate to blaspheme on your page but Bill is lookin kinda hot. *slinks over to the dark side*

    • I’ve never thought that Stephen Moyer was a bad-looking guy. He fits the canon description very well, IMHO, except for the eyes. He has blue eyes, and Bill’s eyes are supposed to be dark, just like Sookie’s eyes are supposed to be very light blue, and Anna Paquin has brown eyes. I just don’t like the character. I think… now that he’s king… that I might enjoy him like I enjoyed Russell. I have to figure out how to subscribe to HBOGO so I can watch episode 2 and spoil it for everybody… :))

  3. You forgot the biggest WTF EVER…
    Bill is the King???!!!!!! Also, now Eric has to obey him???!!! Bill is such a baby vamp compared to Eric. Grrr! I wanna write nasty letters to Alan Ball asking for a detailed explanation on why the he’ll he loves Bill freakin Compton so much!

    Sorry about that! I just had to rant…

    • Bill being king was a major WTF moment, indeed… but I figured we’d hear more about that during the 2nd episode (a suspicion that was verified by BDO). I think I’ll save my rant until then. I kinda-sorta saw it coming. They finished last season with him going against the queen, and he was still alive… so he was the king. Although now he seems like even more of a dickwad. 😛

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