Brand New Season of True Blood

EW cover week of June 24, 2011

So wrong...

Above is the cover of Entertainment Weekly for the week of June 24.  So we’re all waiting (impatiently) for the new season of True Blood to start.  I mainly watch for ASkars… Personally, I will be recording the episode on my DVR so that I can fast forward through the boring bits that don’t contain any of the main characters.  If the scene doesn’t have Eric, Sookie, Bill or Pam in it, I’m skipping it.  Am I mean?  Well, heck!  Alan Ball has been mean to the characters, so whatever.  Why is Sam evil?  Why is Jason a complete blockhead?  Why is Sookie sometimes an airhead and sometimes incredibly clever?  Why is Eric sometimes nice to Sookie, and sometimes evil to her?  And why isn’t Pam Sookie’s best vampire friend?  Questions that will never be answered by Mr. Ball, I’m sure.  I swear, if I don’t see a shower scene between Eric and Sookie, a real one this time, not a dream, I think I might break something!  I’m off to my happy place now…


6 thoughts on “Brand New Season of True Blood

  1. I can’t believe that picture
    Green acres seriously? Eric is so much more. I can’t wait til Sunday though. I sure hope its not a disappointment like the last book was.

    • I hear you… I was watching the first ten minutes of the first episode and I was shaking my head doing a mental WTF? pretty much the whole time. I’m crossing my fingers, though.

  2. Laughed when I saw your comment about DVRing and fast forwarding..I do that too. Have all of season 3 still saved and search diligently for anything Eric & Sookie together related.. did the same with season 2 (Its a wonder I didn’t burn out the buttons on my controller looking at the dream sequence).. and the shower scene …if Alan Ball doesn’t include it I’ll be so pissed..(EW cover is hysterical by the way)….Sunday is almost here.

    • There were two other covers to the EW one with Eric: one with Bill and one with Alcide. The one with Bill is just hideous, and the one with Alcide he’s looking at who the F knows what. As for my DVR… I think I burned mine out on episode 28, minute 13-ish… Actually it’s on the first banner of WiaV; BDO used it without knowing exactly how much I loved that scene. LOL!

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