The Beauty of My Blog

Let’s all stand and give it up for Black Dead Orchids who made EVERYTHING on this blog and helped me make it look so unbelievably beautiful.  You will all recognize the eyes… Yes they belong to Alexander Skarsgard, a little stylized, but gorgeous.  He’s my avatar on Twitter and FanFiction.  There’s something about a scruffy ASkars that I absolutely love.  Like I told BDO: I love ASkars in every way shape or form, but my sudden love of scruffy ASkars is all her fault.  He’s just so unbelievably yummy… That’s it.  I’m moving to Sweden.  I’m sure I’d fit right in: short, dark curly hair, dark eyes… HEY!  But I can’t tan to save my life!  Does that count for anything?  I have to go look for a Scandinavian god!

Anyway, I’ve been uploading “Alive After Dark” little by litte.  I’m about a third done.  Hopefully I’ll have all my work uploaded in here soon, including anthing I’ve done that actually belongs to me.  FanFiction has given me the outlet I needed and the practice to make up stories, so many of my earlier work was… not all that great.  But it was fun to write, so I’ll post it eventually… but first I GOT to back up FanFiction.

Hint: Subscribe to my blog to receive updates, just in case FanFiction is acting up.  I will update my stories here and on FanFiction at the same time.


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